Seller Information

Are you creating badass products, but not enough to fill a whole store? Then join the UNIIVERSE as a seller and enjoy the benefits of being featured in our amazing online store.


⦁ No monthly fee.
⦁ Seller pays only 3% commission on products sold.
⦁ No annoying application process. Simply upload your proposed product(s) and details. After reviewing your product(s), we will simply approve or not approve your product(s).


⦁ UNIIVERSE customers enjoy free shipping on all products, all the time, so be sure to combine your anticipated shipping costs into the price of your product(s)
⦁ Seller will be notified when a sale has been made
⦁ Seller is responsible for shipping costs, shipping their products to the customer within 3 days of sale, and handling customer returns (if any).